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Dave's Best Commercial Investment Books

Experience is a great teacher and I have made some mistakes over the years but also made some great investment choices. Books however are an even better teacher with much less risk! I am reading some great ones at the moment including a couple I recommend for inquiring minds.

Dave's Picks

Here are 8 of my favorite real estate investment books that I think are worth reading….

  • Instant Millionaire. Mark Fisher. This is a book that I picked up recently on recommendation of Mark McVey and I am having a hard time putting it down. It talks about a lot of things you may already know and re-enforces the idea that you need a plan and that opportunities abound.

  • Buy it by the Acre, Sell it by the Foot: Sam Allman: One of my mentors was Louis Matte who made millions of dollars buying land and subdividing it. He could have written this book but didn’t. There are some great tips here for how to make your fortune in land development. I have used these ideas in the past and bought some properties close to the UNBC which we sold at a handsome profit.

  • Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies: Conti Harris. I ordered this book last year when I knew I was going to be helping sell commercial real estate and read it cover to cover. Some great tips for a variety of investment properties.

  • How to Make Money in Commercial Real Estate for the Small Investor. Masters: This is a how to do it book by an accounting professor who has a considerable investment portfolio. Great tips and step by step strategies. Well worth the read

  • Recession Proof Real Estate Investing. How to Survive and Thrive during any phase of the economic cycle. J Scott. Seeing as we seem to be going through a bit of an economic bump. I read this book this year and it was a great reminder that there are deals to be found in every market.

  • The Art of Exceptional Living - Jim Rohn. Another Mark Mcvey book recommendation about how to jumpstart your career and your investments. Some great stories and tips especially for the young up and coming entrepreneurs in your life.

  • 2022 Business Reference Guide: This is my go to book on how to value businesses. Great if you are looking at businesses as investments.

  • Build to Sell: John Warrilow. I read this book a few years ago and recommend it as a great book for those people thinking about selling their business but also for people who are considering buying a business. Great perspective on what buyers are looking for as well as tips on what it takes to make a business valuable.

Here are 3 books that I came across that look interesting and I intend on reading soon

  • "Real Estate Investing: Market Analysis, Decision Making, and the Case for the Adaptive Reuse of Buildings" by David M. Geltner, Norman G. Miller, and Jim Clayton. A deeper dive into market analysis and decision-making, with a focus on adaptive reuse, which is an increasingly important aspect of commercial real estate.

  • "Investing in Apartment Buildings" by Matthew A. Martinez. Specifically targeting multi-family properties, this book provides strategies and tips for investing in apartment buildings, a popular segment of commercial real estate.

  • "The Book on Managing Rental Properties" by Brandon Turner and Heather Turner. Although aimed at property management, this book contains valuable information for commercial property investors, especially those with multi-tenant properties.

What Have You Read lately? I would love to hear from you and your recommendations: email me


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