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Some New Hot Business Investment Opportunities for Northern Investors.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

As you probably recall I am now spending a good portion of my week helping clients buy and sell their businesses and investment properties. The rest of the time is still spent coaching business owners with their challenges or opportunities that they are facing If you are Looking for Investment Opportunities. Here are some of the deals that I have found recently after scouring dozens of deals.

1. A Carwash that is turning almost $290k a year in free cash on a 2 year average EBITA. Asking price $1,699,000 including land and building. Here is the link to the basic information and Non Disclosure Form to allow you access to the financial information. Once you sign the NDA, email it to Dave to receive more information. Click here to download the NDA pdf.

2. A Health Food Store in Victoria that is not listed anywhere but makes $108k per year on a 3 year average. Asking price $495k includes roughly $175k in inventory. Here is the link to the NDA pdf.

3. A Vibrant Coffee Shop/ Bakery in Lillooet that is run remotely and has great staff in place. Asking price $425 including inventory and assets. Owners taking home over 100k per year with only a few hours a week input and oversight. Click here for the NDA to receive the prospectus. Click here to sign NDA and receive the prospectus.

4. Coming on Wednesday I will have a new opportunity of a local business that is run remotely and has a management team in place. I don’t have any insight into the financials of the business although I believe that it is profitable. Let me know if you want to be one of the first to get this information and I will send you the NDA as soon as I get it.

Bottle Depot Anyone? There are a couple of Bottle Depots for sale in Burns Lake and Houston BC. They come with buildings and businesses. Here is a link to the listing information. Get back to me if you want financials. (NDA pdf form) A couple of opportunities that I still think are valid from my last email.

1. Hotel in Northern BC built in 2014 with a cap rate of 11% owner lives remotely and management team in place. Click here for the basic information, sign the NDA and I will send you the package with financials.

2. Boarding house in PG. Listed at $459k This property turns over $50k a year in free cash and has lots of upside opportunities. I was recently talking to a social agency that stated that they had people who would pay up to $800 for a monthly room. Currently some of the rates are around $350-500/ month. Click here for the information and if you are interested email me for more information.

Also I have Qualified buyers looking for businesses and investment properties. Here are some of the things we are searching for our clients.

  • Profitable business with multiple revenue streams earning over $200k per year

  • Storage Unit business

  • Trucking or logistics company

  • A mechanic shop in Prince George that is not making money but has staff.

  • A business that has a retiring owner who would like to bring on a Ukrainian entrepreneur who is keen to get into a business but doesn’t have a lot of money.

That is all I have for you this week.

Let me know if you have any questions on any of the properties or are looking for something specific. On another Note, the rumor mill has it that there is a major announcement coming for a development in Prince George that will be announced in the next 3 months. This might also provide other opportunities as well as outside investment into the region. Please feel free to pass this on to other people you know who are looking for investment opportunities. Need to unsubscribe, we will miss you but the link is at the bottom of the page. Have a great week. Dave and Team

Dave Fuller Team Powerhouse Realty Email: Cell: (250) 617-7467



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