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Business Investing: Warehouse Edition and Other Opportunities

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Warehouses - Why You Should Consider Them for Your Next Commercial Investment

Warehouses are pretty simple buildings. They are typically large structures that consist of 4 walls, high ceilings, and multiple doors for shipping and receiving.

One might think that warehouses might not be in short supply, however more than ever, there is growing demand for warehouse space in Northern British Columbia. This includes but not limited to:

  • E-Commerce Growth - many companies are moving away from storing all their inventory in a brick and mortar retail operation and using larger warehouses for management of inventory and the shipping and receiving of goods.

  • Manufacturing: Increasingly companies in the north are setting up warehouses for manufacturing of their products and then shipping these products to locations around the world. Having warehouses that support the efficient manufacturing of product as well as transportation of those products is critical

  • Inventory management: Whether it be liquor, lubricants, chemicals or building materials, mining supplies or core samples, companies need secure storage facilities to manage their inventory.

  • Supply chain management- the recent supply chain crisis opened the eyes of many business leaders to the notion that they need to have better control of their supply chain in order to ensure their profitability and viability of their businesses. Warehousing is one key step in this management process.

  • Seasonal demand for products: Companies need space to purchase and store seasonal products. Buying when prices are lower offseason can mean the difference between having a profitable company and one that is only marginally profitable. Having storage for these seasonal products is critical. Warehousing is essential to many companies who buy seasonal products.

  • Logistics and Distribution - The rise in 3rd party distribution of goods and services has increased the demand for larger warehouses that have the space for companies that distribute goods for the likes of Amazon or other companies that are shipping geographically.

  • Cold Storage and Perishable goods: One might not think that the demand for cold storage is significant yet it is. Groceries, certain chemicals, and manufactured goods require cold storage. Additionally there are some products that require temperature or climate control for moisture that only warehouses can provide.

  • Global Trade and logistics: Whether or not a community becomes an official inland port, geographic centers are key to international trade and logistics. The breaking down of containers and shipments requires sufficiently large warehouse space that is conveniently located near rail and highways.

Check Out Warehouse Listings:

  • Landtran Buildings 44,000 sq. ft. Warehousing: 3 industrial warehouses with CN Rail line access in a prime location. Asking price: $ 5,950,000. Click here to view the listing.

  • 10 Warehouse Spaces on 1 Block: Own a whole city block in the Queensway Light Industrial Park. Asking price $ 1,950,000. Click here for more information.

  • 4 Bay Shop / Warehouse: A solid shop with 4 bays in a high visibility location that has proven to be very very successful. Asking price: $ 799,000. Click here to view the listing.

  • Concrete Block Building: A mix of office and warehouse with a 14' bay door. Click here for more information. Asking price: $ 995,000. Click here for more information.

Make Money with Warehousing!

So we can verify that there is demand for Warehousing. How can we make money at it? Invest in long term trends : One might notice that the work at home trend is leading to less need for office space and thus an investor might think twice about buying a commercial property that is only appropriate for office rental. In the same way one might notice that there is an increasing demand for warehousing space due to the changing retail environment that is highly concentrated with online shopping. Logistics companies are a growing trend that will create a long term demand for warehousing.

Location Location Location: Prince George is almost the geographic center for BC and is key for companies located in surrounding areas in terms of logistics. Warehousing in the region is in hot demand as the need for warehousing to service the area is required. By investing in warehousing that is located in the right area supports the long term viability of your investment. Pricing per square foot. The price for warehousing space has been increasing over the past few years. Where once warehousing was priced at $7-10 dollars per square foot, now the base warehouse rental is around $12/ square foot and runs anywhere from there up to $22/ sq foot. Longer Term Leases: Warehouse tenants are likely to sign up for longer term leases as they realize that warehouse space is at a premium. This provides stability for your investment and profitability on your investment over the long term. Own it To Use It: Owning your own building makes sense for a lot of reasons. If you are in a business that uses warehouse space, owning the building puts money in your pockets over the long term and provides retirement security that only owners of commercial properties have. Value Appreciation: While some commercial investments are slow to grow in value over time, warehousing has shown considerable value appreciation in recent years in Northern BC as demand for the limited space has increased. This demand is expected to continue to grow with logistics and trend demand and suggests that this type of investment will appreciate in value over time. Warehousing as an investment property could be the right decision for your financial future. Limited supply and high demand in Northern BC could mean that the time is right for this type of investment in your portfolio of commercial properties. Talk to your commercial realtor and find out if warehousing makes sense for you.

Other Listings that May be of Interest to You:

  • Profitable Daycare with Business and Building: The business has a track record of profitability over the past few years. Asking price: $ 1.2 million. (View listing page)

  • Power Tools Store/Shop: A profitable family-owned business that is well-positioned in the community. Asking price: $ 379,000. (View listing page)

  • Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy Company: The company has 11 years of history as a profitable business. Asking price: $ 1,799,000. (View listing page)

  • Strip Mall in Burns Lake: Fully leased, well constructed strip mall in the excellent location. Asking price: $ 1,250,000. (View more information)

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