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My Dad Died Recently -What I learned from him about Work and Money. 

On December 18th 2023 my father died peacefully at the age of 85, in his home in Prince George surrounded by my mother, my siblings, some of my nieces and nephews and some of my children. It was a serene death and a beautiful example of how one can die naturally. I was blessed to be present. 

 I have never lost a parent before but the outpouring of generosity, sympathy and support of so many of you as well as my friends made me realize how negligent I have been of other people's grief over the years. 

My dad wasn’t a rich man, but I learned lots from him. 

  1. You can build a better future for yourself and your family but it takes hard work and determination.  Born in Ocean Falls BC and raised in Vancouver my father was raised by a Scottish Mother and a father who drove forklift. He was the first of his family to go to university, go to Australia and work in the Computer industry. While working in computers at Canfor and the City of Prince George. After work and on Saturdays he would be renovating and even building houses for our family. My dad taught me to enjoy hard work even if I wasn’t as good with my hands as he was. 

  1. You can have fun at work. My dad loved a practical joke and making work fun and enjoyable for the people he worked with. After his retirement we heard from numerous people dad worked with who said how much of a difference he made in their lives by supporting them in their work.  As leaders we don’t often understand how much positive change we can make around us if only we take the time. 

  1. Family and friends are important.  It is easy to be so caught up in work and making money for the future that we forget that the reason we work so hard is because we love our family and friends.  Spending time helping those family and friends on a daily basis and spending time with people is so much more important than the money we might make to leave them. 

  1. Avoid too much debt and save some money:  My father wanted to pay off his mortgage early and was able to do that in his late 40’s.  While he was never rich he was able to pay cash for most of everything he needed because he lived within his means. 

  1. Pay your bills, be honest, and generously help others. When I was a young child I remember my dad sitting at the kitchen table and balancing his checkbook. Those were the days before credit cards and lines of credit. Dad always paid his bills on time and was honest with those who worked for him and for whom he worked for and he taught us that honesty as well.  Dad was generous in helping neighbors, friends and family with their projects and helping in the community volunteering in the school or church or on the sandwich lines. There were 7 kids in our family and while we never had lots we always had enough. 

  1. Trust in God  and be satisfied with what you have.  My dad wasn’t born religious but he met my mom and became a Catholic. His trust in God was inspirational and made me recognize that many times there are things in life out of our control and our lives are part of a bigger picture. 

If  your father is still alive I hope you make time to learn from him and appreciate his wisdom. I would love to hear what he has taught you. 

Dave Fuller, MBA is an Commercial Realtor with Team Powerhouse Realty and the author of several business books.  Email your comments or questions to


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